Owner McCracken's Irish Pub

O'Doherty's, Southern-Style BBQ and Catering

In 1992, Terry partnered with the O'Doherty family and helped build the downtown O'Doherty's Irish Grille. In 1997 we built Smokey's BBQ at this location and then turned it into an Irish Pub in 2001. In 2002, Terry and Renee Best took sole ownership of this location and changed it into O'Doherty's Irish Pub & BBQ CATER Co.

Over the last few years, it fostered a friendship between Todd McCracken and Terry Best, and they would crack jokes over friendly banter in the restaurant about Todd buying the restaurant and running it himself. In October 2019, those stopped being friendly jokes, and turned into serious interest.

That interest gave way to the reality of Todd taking ownership in March 2020.  Though the ownership has changed, Terry remains an integral part of the operation, a central piece of the catering business, and can be seen at the restaurant regularly.

Todd brings the same hospitality and flair that is now a part of the O'Doherty's culture. Stop by and say hi and try some of the best food in Spokane valley!